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I’m happy to offer a diverse range of services to meet the growing needs of individuals and businesses. In the last 4 years, through my work on countless projects with different clients, I’ve developed a great skill set to support others. My mission is to design and deliver user-centered, engaging, and efficient websites and other digital products. I like minimalism. I strongly believe that an effective design helps to convey complex messages in a way that is easy to understand.

When I am not designing, I cook or listen to music. I love taking strolls with my pet dog. I enjoy traveling and trying foods (only vegetarian :P) from different cultures. I have started learning the basics of Spanish and would be very delighted if I get a chance to chat with Spanish-speaking folks. I also love gardening and every morning, you will find me talking to my plants. I live in Pune, India.

Currently, I'm open to fully remote job opportunities.

Learn more about the services I provide and feel free to connect, whether you are looking for a coffee chat, design feedback, or have a job opening.



  • English | Hindi | Marathi (Professional)

  • Spanish (Learning)

Technical Skills

  • Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator,

       XD, After Effects, Premiere Pro  

  • Figma, Sketch, CorelDraw, Miro, Zoho, Wix, Invision, Balsamiq, MS-Office, Basics of HTML5 & CSS3

  • If your company uses different tools apart from the ones mentioned above, I would be happy to learn them as well.

Soft Skills

  • Creative

  • Curiosity

  • Effective Communication

  • Love to work in a team, but be equally productive while working independently

  • Ability to take criticism

  • Patience

My Design Process





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